English History in The Graveyard Book
Union Jack

Directions: The Graveyard Book takes place in the modern day city of London, England. There are references throughout the book to important people and events in English history. Understanding those references will enhance your comprehension of the story. Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your notebook. Use the web links directly below the question to locate the answer. Answer all sixteen questions.

Who were the Celts?

1. When did the Celts live in Britain?
celt helmet.jpeg
Celtic Helmet

2. Why is their historical period called the "Iron Age"?

3. When did the Celtic reign in Britain end?

4. What were the names of the three main celtic groups in Britain?


What was Roman Britain?

5. Who was the founder of the Roman Empire?

6. When was Britain a part of the Roman Empire?

7. How did Roman rule change Britain? What did people in the West gain from Roman rule?
Roman Empire with England


Who was William the Conquerer?

8. When and where was William the Conquerer born?

9. Who did William have to "conquer" to become King of England?

10. When and where was William crowned King of England?


The Tower of London is a famous historical landmark mentioned in The Graveyard Book.
Tower of London

11. Who began construction on the Tower of London and what year did its construction begin?

12. Queen Anne Boleyn was executed at London Tower. When and why was she executed?

13. The crown jewels are on display at the Tower of London. Why were all of the jewels made after 1649?


British currency (money) is a little tricky. They use "pounds" (what we would call dollars) and "pence" (what we would call pennies).

14. How many pence are in one pound?

15. How many American dollars and cents is one pound worth?

16. British currency used to use a different system with "six pence", "shillings", and "guineas." What are each of those amounts worth today in pounds and pence?


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